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Why is steam cleaning the best choice for your home or office in Bornholm?

Our cleaning services provide you with an effective and environmentally conscious way to keep your house or office clean on Bornholm. We do not use harmful chemicals, but instead clean with micro-dry steam to thoroughly and gently clean your spaces. We also offer comprehensive deep cleaning as well as special services such as furniture cleaning. Our professional team works carefully and thoroughly to leave your premises in impeccable condition. Contact us today to learn more about our sustainable cleaning services on Bornholm.

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I offer the following services to both private and business customers:

Main cleaning

of the entire house / holiday home or of individual rooms, such as bathrooms.

Cleaning upon moving in or moving out

Cleaning of upholstered furniture and mattresses



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I use nature as a model when I clean, and with our methods we are more efficient than with conventional cleaning methods.



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Unlike traditional cleaning methods that often use harmful chemicals, steam cleaning is an environmentally conscious and gentle alternative. The use of hot steam allows for thorough cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and floors without the use of chemicals or cleaning agents. Steam kills bacteria, viruses, and other germs while removing dirt and stains.


In addition, steam cleaning is also an extremely effective method for removing stubborn dirt and deposits that are often difficult to remove with conventional cleaning agents. The use of chemical cleaning agents, especially spray cleaners, is as harmful to the lungs as smoking. The exposure to cleaning products is equivalent to about 20 cigarettes per day! It is also a great choice for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin as it does not use allergenic or irritating chemicals. On a square centimeter of a conventional dishcloth in the kitchen, there are more than 100 million bacteria!


Overall, steam cleaning is an environmentally friendly, effective, and gentle method to clean your home or office on Bornholm. If you would like to learn more about how this method can also benefit you, please feel free to contact me.

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Steam cleaning is an environmentally conscious cleaning method that uses hot water in the form of steam to remove dirt and germs from various surfaces and floors.

Yes, steam cleaning is an environmentally friendly cleaning method because it does not use harmful chemicals or cleaning agents that can enter the environment and cause damage.

Yes, steam cleaning is a very effective cleaning method as it removes stubborn dirt and deposits from various surfaces and floors better than conventional methods.

Yes, steam cleaning is a great choice for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin as it does not use allergenic or irritating chemicals.

Steam cleaning can be applied to various surfaces such as tiles, hardwood floors, furniture, windows, and even textiles.

The frequency of steam cleaning depends on the use and the degree of contamination of the surfaces to be cleaned. However, we generally recommend regular cleaning to maintain hygiene and the condition of the premises.

The costs of steam cleaning can vary depending on the extent of cleaning and the size of the area. However, the costs are generally comparable to conventional cleaning methods.

The duration of steam cleaning depends on the size of the area and the extent of the cleaning. However, we can usually perform a thorough cleaning within a few hours.

The drying time depends on the type of surface cleaned and the degree of contamination. Generally, surfaces are immediately dry, except for upholstered furniture.

You can make an appointment for steam cleaning through my website, by phone, or by email. I am happy to assist you and answer all your questions about our cleaning services on Bornholm.

100,000 liters of water are needed to neutralize 1 bottle of household cleaner in terms of its pH value!

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